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Having trouble keeping up with all the NFT buzz on Discord? Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to NFTYEA, our NFT + DeFi Discord monitoring, AI sentiment tracking, and analytics team. Get executive summaries of your projects daily.


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Gain access to your personal AI powered Executive Assistant and never miss an important announcement again. Get your time back today!
Limited Alpha and Beta product releases priced according to accessible features at time of signup. Early subscribers at these tiers will be grandfathered so long as you maintain an active subscription. Your NFTYEA Membership can be resold on popular marketplaces such as OpenSea.
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0.24 Ξ
Annual Membership
(500 limit, 60% Saving off Full Release Annual Membership)
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Executive summaries of all announcement channels from 200+ (more added daily) Discord servers
View all updates in one place within the NFTYEA webapp - curate your feed to display only what is important to you
Never miss an important update again with filtering for critical time sensitive announcements, important developments, general community updates, giveaways, security alerts, and more
Lock in early bird Alpha release pricing so long as you maintain an active subscription
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Beta (Coming soon)

0.36 Ξ
Annual Membership
(2,000 limit, 40% Saving off Full Release Annual Membership)
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All Alpha release features
500+ servers monitored
Executive summaries of any alpha released from project leaders outside of announcement channels
Set your contact preferences to be notified about certain types of updates – email, SMS, DM etc.
Lock in Beta release pricing so long as you maintain an active subscription

Full Release

0.06 Ξ
Monthly Membership
Quarterly Membership 0.162 Ξ (10% Savings)
Annual Membership 0.6 Ξ (17% Savings)
All Beta release features
New Discord servers you join automatically supported
Community sentiment analysis and alerts for any sudden changes
Reports linking shifts in sentiment with on-chain data
Project team capability rankings
+ Many more features


We use Artificial Intelligence along with a dedicated team of analysts to monitor your NFT + DeFi communities for you 24/7. Each day, you'll be provided with an easily digestible, curated executive summary containing only the most important project information. Any required actions - like meeting whitelist requirements - will be highlighted for you (with calendar event creation). Set your preferences to receive time sensitive updates in near real time.

Custom Reports


Our AI learns as it works, identifying  emotions, and sentiment from Discord servers while also monitoring the markets for noticeable changes to floor prices, bot offers, new buyers coming in, large/dormant holders selling and more.

NFTYEA AI Learning


Each of the Lifetime Founder NFTs represent an ownership stake and vote in the NFTYEA DAO that is automatically funded with 20% of the subscription revenue thanks to our payment smart contracts.

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